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Lipper Alpha Insight - Fund Manager Chat

Aug 17, 2018

At the recent Lipper Fund Selector Forum, Head of EMEA Research, Detlef Glow, outlined the trends in the pan-European mutual funds market for the period to the end of May 2018.

In this presentation, Detlef explains what fund categories are proving popular with investors, which are not and which fund groups are selling well. Detlef also examines the split of investments between active and passive vehicles in Europe and provides an overview of current fund sector preferences.

The full Lipper European Fund Flow Report for June 2018 can be accessed via this link.

Running order

Run Time Topic
00:00 Introduction
01:50 Pan-European - Assets under management
02:20 Market share by asset type
03:00 Historical European fund sales
04:00 Fund sales by asset type
07:00 Best and worst selling fund sectors year-to-date
09:00 Top twenty best selling fund promoters year-to-date
10:50 Breakdown of European AUM by active v passive vehicles
11:50 ETF fund flows
14:20 Fund flows market share by product type year-to-date
16:30 Fund launches, mergers and liquidations
20:40 Promoter activity by asset type


Lipper is grateful to the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment for sharing this footage.


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