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Lipper Alpha Insight - Fund Manager Chat

Mar 17, 2017

Richard Pease, fund manager of the European Special Situations Fund and the European Fund at Crux Asset Management outlines the opportunities for European equities despite ongoing geopolitical upheaval throughout the region. 

He also outlines the benefits of his long-term holding process, his predilection towards companies with strong revenues and a global franchise and outlines some current opportunities in his portfolio.

Richard is speaking with Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper UK & Ireland Research in London on March 17, 2017. 

About Richard Pease

Richard has over three decades of experience in the financial industry. His first role in fund management was with the Central Board of Finance for the Church of England where he ran two funds. There followed a short period at Windsor Investment Management, where he set up and ran the European Unit Trust and in 1989 Richard joined Jupiter Asset Management where he started and ran the Jupiter European Unit Trust and several other European funds.

In 2001 he helped to set up New Star Asset Management where he launched and managed the New Star European OEIC and its sister fund, the New Star Dublin-based OEIC. On the acquisition by Henderson Global Investors of New Star in April 2009, Richard became a Director of European Equities and continued to run the New Star European funds.

In October 2009 the European Special Situations fund was launched and Richard was its manager at the outset. Richard joined CRUX in June 2015 following a Scheme of Arrangement that allowed him to merge the Henderson European Special Situations fund with the CRUX European Special Situations fund, a process which ensured that Richard has managed the fund, uninterrupted, since October 2009.


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