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Lipper Alpha Insight - Fund Manager Chat

Apr 27, 2018

In this podcast, Robin Geffen, CEO of Neptune and manager of the Neptune Global Alpha Fund and James Dowey, CIO and Chief economist of Neptune, outline the philosophy and positioning of this portfolio.

They outline why they have chosen a fully flexible mandate for this proposition and how this has resulted in the preservation of capital in periods of material draw down. They also provide context behind their current equities preferences and the areas of the market they are actively avoiding in a world where low interest rates have distorted the course of natural market forces.

Robin and James also discuss the value for investors in seeking active investments. They warn of the opportunity cost of being overly cautious and the importance of choosing funds which will contribute to achieving desirable retirement outcomes.

About Robin Geffen

[caption id="attachment_76073" align="alignleft" width="162"] Robin Geffen.[/caption]

Robin founded Neptune Investment Management in May 2002 and is the architect of Neptune's real world investment approach. He is Neptune's CEO and the fund manager of the Neptune Global Alpha Fund.

He graduated from Oxford University in 1979 and began his investment career at Charterhouse J Rothschild before moving onto Eagle Star, York Trust plc and then Scottish Equitable, where he set up their pooled fund business.

Robin joined Orbitex Investments Limited as Chief Investment Officer in 1997 and was most recently Global CIO – Pensions before founding Neptune.

[caption id="attachment_76074" align="alignright" width="111"] James Dowey.[/caption]

About James Dowey

James is Neptune's Chief Economist & CIO and a member of the Neptune Board.

He leads Neptune’s global economic research and works closely with CEO Robin Geffen in managing Neptune’s investment process. Previously, James taught at the London School of Economics and Aberdeen Business School and worked in actuarial consultancy.

James holds a PhD in economic history from the London School of Economics and degrees in economics from Edinburgh University and King's College, Cambridge University.


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