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Lipper Alpha Insight - Fund Manager Chat

Aug 8, 2018

In this podcast, Justin Onuekwusi, fund manager with Legal & General Investment Management's (LGIM) Multi-Asset team, provides an overview of the philosophy and process behind LGIM's Multi-Index fund proposition.

He outlines the important role a fund-of-funds structure can play for an investor and provides an overview of how his portfolios are currently positioned.

Justin also shares his views on the global macro outlook and outlines his views for global equities, credit, interest rates and inflation. He examines how he is finding reasonably priced yield for his clients, where he sees global investment opportunities and shares some of the concerns that he has with the current state of investment markets.

Running Order

Run Time Topic
00:25 Why is LGIM's Multi-Index range so popular with advisers/ investors?
02:10 How responsive to market events can a fund-of-funds structure be?
03:15 What is your view on the current macro environment? Are we "late cycle"?
05:00 How are your portfolios positioned?
06:20 What's your view on interest rates and finding yield for investors?
07:50 What's your view on global credit?
09:40 What's your outlook for inflation?
10:35 What's your outlook for equities?
12:15 Can you share your views on Emerging Markets?
14:20 What are some of your views that investors may not be aware of?


Justin is is chatting with Jake Moeller, Head of UK and Ireland Research, at Lipper in London on August 2, 2018.

About Justin Oneukwusi

Justin is a fund manager within the Multi-Asset Funds team, leading on the management of the team's retail and risk-profiled multi-asset funds. Prior to joining LGIM in August 2013, Justin was a fund manager with Aviva Investors' multi-asset team combining both strategic and dynamic asset allocation with manager selection in the construction of multi-asset portfolios.

Justin was lead fund manager on a range of risk-targeting multi-asset funds and co-lead fund manager on a number of unit-linked Life and Pension funds, as well as manager of manager offerings. Justin previously worked as a fund research analyst at Merrill Lynch and an investment consultant for Aon Consulting.

Justin is a CFA charterholder, holds a degree in economics from the University of Warwick and the Investment Management Certificate.

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