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Lipper Alpha Insight - Fund Manager Chat

Jul 19, 2018

In this podcast, Ben McVicar, portfolio manager at Australian-based Magellan Asset Management, provides an overview of the philosophy and process behind Magellan's infrastructure proposition.

He outlines the importance of global infrastructure securities in diversifying an investor portfolio, he examines the issue of liquidity in the markets and how listed infrastructure has matured as an asset class since the global financial crisis.

Ben provides an outlook for the asset class, outlines the potential tailwinds and headwinds it may face, and how Magellan is positioning its portfolio as a result.

Running Order

Run Time Topic
00:20 What differentiates Magellan's approach to infrastructure?
02:57 How should investors use this asset class?
04:48 Is listed infrastructure the appropriate vehicle?
07:10 How has infrastructure as an asset class evolved since the Global Financial Crisis?
09:20 On income and infrastructure earnings
10:37 The outlook for global infrastructure securities

Ben is chatting with Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper UK and Ireland Research, at Thomson Reuters in Sydney on April 26, 2018.

About Ben McVicar

Ben McVicar joined Magellan in October 2013 as an Investment Analyst in the Infrastructure, Transport & Industrials Team.

Ben was promoted to the additional role of Assistant Portfolio Manager in August 2016 and subsequently promoted to Portfolio Manager in January 2017. Prior to Magellan, Ben spent nearly five years as an Equities Analyst at Credit Suisse in Sydney, most recently as Lead Analyst for Australian Utilities. Ben has previously had experience in the Small Caps, Energy and Telecoms sectors.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Commerce (First Class Honours), for which he was awarded a University Medal, from The University of Queensland and is a CFA Charterholder.


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